Sunday, August 06, 2006

Topiary Larry

"Topiary Larry"

Larry's yard is the finest in town. There are trees of all shapes and sizes, blooming flowers and a perfectly manicured carpet of green grass. Larry works hard to make it a beautiful place, but when he sits down to enjoy the fruits of his labor- he finds that without someone to share it with- it's not as special as it could be.

"Topiary Larry" is a rhyming picture book for the 4-10 year old market. This story is based on the concept that when you possess certain gifts and talents- you gain much more enjoyment out of sharing them with others than you might if you keep them all to yourself. I have made an effort to incorporate elements that would appeal to adults as well as children throughout the story. I want this to be a book that entertains all ages. The moral that this story is based around makes it timeless and the whimsical theme and wacky illustrations make it current and marketable.


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