Sunday, August 06, 2006

written & illustrated by Shelley Brant-Levi

This blog is a place where you can check out my latest adventures in children book writing and illustration. Whether you are a publisher, agent or just one of my friends- feel free to browse through my book ideas and then write me an e-mail and let me know what you think of them. All of the following proposals are currently available for literary representation.

I am a professional illustrator for the paper products, hobby and gift markets. I understand marketing, trends and am able to create products that target specific audiences. Illustrating and writing my own childrens stories is one of my favorite things to do. This is just the tip of the iceberg- I have a pile of drawings and writings on my desk and even more in my head. I will be posting new books all of the time- enjoy...

"Bacon the Naughty Piggy"

"Bacon the Naughty Piggy"

Bacon isn't a bad piggy, he's just having a very naughty day. From start to finish Bacon just can't seem to stay out of trouble. Maybe tommorrow he'll have a better day.

Bacon the Naughty Piggy is a picture book designed for the 4-10 year old market. It is the first book in a seris of books about this cute little piggy and his many moods. This book shows children that it's normal to feel different emotions and even though today might not be such a good day- there's a whole new day ahead of you tommorrow. Bacon gets a fresh start everyday and is loved unconditionally from one day to the next.

Topiary Larry

"Topiary Larry"

Larry's yard is the finest in town. There are trees of all shapes and sizes, blooming flowers and a perfectly manicured carpet of green grass. Larry works hard to make it a beautiful place, but when he sits down to enjoy the fruits of his labor- he finds that without someone to share it with- it's not as special as it could be.

"Topiary Larry" is a rhyming picture book for the 4-10 year old market. This story is based on the concept that when you possess certain gifts and talents- you gain much more enjoyment out of sharing them with others than you might if you keep them all to yourself. I have made an effort to incorporate elements that would appeal to adults as well as children throughout the story. I want this to be a book that entertains all ages. The moral that this story is based around makes it timeless and the whimsical theme and wacky illustrations make it current and marketable.

Once Upon a Seahorse

Once Upon a Seahorse...

Imagine galloping through the sea on a magical seahorse, having tea with dolphins or playing croquet with a friendly manatee. Silliness and whimsy abound in the magical story about the value of holding onto one's imagination.

"Once Upon a Seahorse" is a rhyming picture book for the 4-10 year old market. The story emphasizes the importance of using your imagination, dreaming far out dreams and believing in the value of the silly things in life. With an oceanic theme of whimsical delight- you will follow a variety of children as they meet friendly characters and progressively form a parade of imagination across the oceans floor. This book is illustrated with a multi-cultural audience in mind.